Our Mission


Taiwan Smart Grid Industry Association(TSGIA)was officially established in September 2009 for the purpose of facilitating the development of the smart grid industry in Taiwan. TSGIA strives to integrate the domestic power industry, electronics industry and ICTs, which is to consolidate these industries, government agencies and other exterior institutions, to organize opinion and idea exchange opportunities, and to coordinate cooperation for the membership. In addition, TSGIA is working on implementing a smart grid industry incentive policy which is expected to accelerate industry development. The members come from smart grid turbine industry sectors, including system, component, material, and chemical suppliers, as well as government or private research institutions, consultancies and etc.

Our mission

  • 1. To establish the smart grid system design and integrate the resources from industry.
  • 2. To encourage the communication among industries.
  • 3. To bridge the gap between the industries and the government, creating an industry-friendly society and a policy structure which encourages the development of smart grid industry.
  • 4. To assist our members in selling their products on the international market.